# Divine Energy is the top solar Panel Service that provides the best installation.

Divine Energy, is the Best Solar Panel Company in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh. We believe that every project should be like a manifestation, of an attitude that responds to the economic, social, and environmental conditions.

According to your need and place, we install solar.

Our process Install solar panel

  1. Discover:-check your meter load 
  2. Design:-measures your place According to that, We customize and design structure.
  3. Develop:- According to place install Panels like Mppt solar Pwm solar home, Solar PV modules Etc 
  4. Delivery:-We give you full support even after panel installation.

Solar Panel Service

Divine Energy was established in 2010. We are the most preferred, equipped, and experienced solar panel company of Solar-grid inverter, on-grid, Off-grid and Hybrid solar plant Located in Lucknow.

Eco: Smart mode, pcu mode, hybrid mode (for saving energy & money)Low Electricity Bill:-Solar priority of load & Battery charging.
Solar Panels:- mono perc, twinc perc, poly with Advance Technology
Compatible:- with smf, gel & batteries.
Monthly Equalization:-it help to increase battery life.

Solar Panel Stand

  • Made From galvanized Iron-Rust Proof
  • Available For Tin Shed, RCC Roofs and High Rise

    We use the best quality wire to install Panel

    DC WIRE : for solar panel installation

    • for battery connection
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